Registered Agent Services

Delaware Registered Agency

Delaware law requires every corporation incorporated in Delaware to have and maintain a Delaware Registered Agent. For more information, see the FAQs, (Frequently Asked Questions), on the web site of the Division of Corporations, Delaware Secretary of State.

A Registered Agent is required by law. Every state requires businesses registered within it's jurisdiction to have and maintain a Registered Agent. An Agent is a resident entity recognized by the state to legally accept service of process for specified business identities. Service of process includes legal proceedings, legal notices, communications from regulatory agencies, or notice of franchise taxes.

If the company does not engage and maintain a registered agent as mandated by statute, the business places it's articles of incorporation and business license in jeopardy. The business may also suffer monetary, civil or criminal sanctions, and will probably lose it's position of "good standing" with the state. To regain "good standing" requires payment of assessed monetary penalties, and a time consuming "paper work process".

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